The Face of Global Warming

The face of regret.

Look at the face in the adjacent photo and the vista in the background. I once hiked to the top of Pikes Peak…but never again. No one put me in a wheelchair. I did it to myself by choosing to ignore reality. I paralyzed myself for life because I chose to believe what I wanted to believe for the sake of momentary comfort…like so many choose to believe they can deny global warming, or that baby-steps can suffice to avert a permanent catastrophe for Man and Earth.

The picture on the right was taken after I had pushed myself two miles up a dirt road NOT because I like pushing a wheelchair but because I’ll do anything to recapture the feelings I had while hiking…and if you can’t see it in my face, take it from me; it doesn’t work.      

Put yourself in my place but regarding global warming. Feel the despair I feel over knowing I’ll never again tromp up remote paths to summits in the sky, or hold my wife’s hand as we walk through life, or be the man I was in so many ways–-that I have decades left to live in a prison of my making. Please. I do not want to see my inner reality reflected in your face someday over global warming.

As much as possible, restrict your energy and fossil fuel usage. Demand immediate and far-reaching pro-green reforms. Oppose any politician or organization—even those who claim to be pro-green or claim to support your values—unless they actively promote global and national initiatives aimed at escaping the yoke of fossil fuels. We are not paralyzed to affect our ecological future–but only if we prioritize Earth, do it now, and refuse to compromise.

better days beyond recall

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~ by jperrykelly on August 9, 2010.

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