Quantum Fires: using the mind to spark success, Part II

Part I of “QF: using the mind…” relates my synergistic use of creative visualization and positive thinking towards career development. Part II relates another successful use of metaphysics—one that gave me exactly what I asked for but not what I wanted.

(…continued from Part I)

After our cross-country move to Idaho Springs CO, a single potential marred the perfection of our life in the Rockies: The Union Pacific R.R. had acquired the Southern Pacific, so a threat of being forced to relocate to Omaha hung over our heads as we explored a hiker’s paradise.   

When the UP confirmed our fears, Selene urged me to look for another line of work in Denver. I told myself a thousand reasons why I’d never find a local job that paid what I made as a dispatcher, so I did nothing and let the months slip by. As our time in the Rockies ran out, I turned to creative visualization out of desperation. After all, it had worked for me before, so why not again?

I imagined myself sitting in our future home in Colorado—no longer tied to the railroad industry or faced with the threat of having to move—while I gazed through living room windows at a nearby peak. The mountains west of Denver have a shorter hiking season than those further south, so I pictured yucca and cactus growing on the imaginary slopes.

No eleventh hour miracle saved us from having to move. Rather than relocate to Nebraska or Texas (the BNSF had offered me a job in Fort Worth), I accepted a chief dispatching position with a regional railroad in Western Montana, taking a ten thousand dollar reduction in pay to live in the Bitterroot Mountains. However, I had placed an order with the universe, which it meant to fill.

After getting settled in my new job and finding a home, I arose one morning for a long trek on Interstates to return for my wife. Unused to the lower altitude of MT and the oppressive summer heat, I soon grew drowsy while driving, so I pulled into a truck stop for coffee. However, rather than buy the coffee I knew I needed, I grabbed something cold as I strolled through the store—something without caffine. Soon thereafter, I fell asleep behind the wheel, rolled my pickup, and crushed my spinal cord.

Five years later, we returned to Colorado on my disability income—no longer tied to the railraod industry or faced with the threat of having to move. Our condo faces Pikes Peak, a high-desert mountain adorned with yucca and cactus. Although we’re very grateful for what we have—a reality I asked for—it’s definitely not the reality we wanted.    

Comparing Part I and Part II of this story, where did I go wrong? What did I do right in using metaphysics to acquire our wonderful interlude in Idaho Springs that I failed to do to stay there?


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~ by jperrykelly on August 12, 2010.

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