Oneness: quantum implications of a scientific fact

Quantum oneness is a scientific fact.

Subatomic particles created together and separated by thousands of miles—one in a lab in the U.S. and another in Japan—react simultaneously to outside stimuli. If researchers apply pressure to one, the other reacts instantly around the world without apparent cause.

Think about that.

Around the world…simultaneously…without apparent cause.

These results, which multiple labs have duplicated, forced quantum physicists to follow a train of logic:

1.  No delay occurred between the application of a stimulus to the affected particle and the response of the seemingly unaffected particle.

2. Presumably, the particles cannot be communicating because communication (as we know it) would entail at least some delay…even at speeds exceeding the speed of light.    

3. Quantum particles created together, therefore, retain “oneness” on a cause and effect level despite the human perception of being separated.

Astronomers postulate the “Big Bang” theory because computers in tandem with modern telescopes reveal the stars, galaxies, and nebulae of space radiate outward from a central point, which strongly suggests a common origin. Therefore, if everything was created together, everything remains connected on a “cause and effect” level despite the human perception of being apart…

…hence ancient tenets such as karma and “reaping what we sow”—because whatever we do to our fellow man, to Nature, or to Earth, at the most basic subatomic level we do to ourselves.

Oneness: accepting what we are to enable a sustainable future 



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~ by jperrykelly on September 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Oneness: quantum implications of a scientific fact”

  1. If the natural world is to be given its due and the human world is not to go utterly mad, then we have a great deal of work ahead of us. What troubles me is the way ‘the brightest and best’; the smartest guys in the room; the ones who report they have not flown commercial since the 70s; the Wall Street casino operatives and hedge fund managers who have added nothing to the human economy and marked themselves as thieves of the highest order; the greediest among us who have hoarded most of the world’s wealth but not honestly and uprightly obtained it; those who live large and unsustainably without regard to human limits and Earth’s limitations, engage so righteously in conscious deception as well as in willful denial of any effort to communicate about matters of concern that do not buttress their selfish interests. These self-proclaimed masters of the universe have much larger, more fashionable and ever important agendas than educating the human family, telling the truth and doing the right thing, I suppose.

    Perhaps the time has come to sort out what is sacred from what is profane about the predominant culture. We need to do this one thing soon, I suppose, because what is profane about the culture is threatening to overwhelm whatsoever else is sacred in the planetary home we inhabit. At least to me there is something perverse harbored within a culture that makes it ok for the most arrogant, clever and greedy among us to “obey the laws” and still destroy everything which is known to be sacred in the planetary home God blesses us to inhabit…and not desecrate as is plainly occurring in our time. Sad to say, the children will be justified to look back in anger and utter disbelief at the way their avaricious leading elders dishonestly and duplicitously destructed the natural world, even as they claimed so seductively, arrogantly and self-righteously not only to be protecting and preserving God’s Creation but also to be doing “God’s work”.

    What a shame it is that a tiny minority of morally bankrupt, super-rich greedmongers are allowed to perpetrate a sham in the name of the human community and God which will likely turn our planetary home into a shambles….much sooner than our
    ‘experts’ are reporting!

  2. Hello Earl! Thank you for visiting this site and taking the time to voice your justifiable concerns—concerns I share. More and more, I’m struck by the importance of realizing that all we see is not all that is, in short, of being open-minded.

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