Today’s election: Vote for the future before its too late

Before your vote today, imagine you’re a train dispatcher managing the world. Your emotions don’t matter — nor does your religion, your politics, your ambitions, or your ego. Based solely on your objective logic, your trains will run on time and safely, or they won’t.  Safety is priority one.

Represented by a red icon on your computer screen, a train carrying lethal HAZMAT, the “Climatic Change Express,” hurtles towards Los Angeles at 60 mph. As the CC Express moves westward, the tracks behind it fail to return to green, a clear indication flat spots on the train’s steel wheels are breaking the rails. Do you allow the train to continue? After all:

  1. You don’tknow for certain that flat spots are breaking the rails.
    • Perhaps your computer is defective, or…
    • Maybe the signal system is broke, or…
    • Seismic tremors may have snapped the tracks, or…
    • The earth may have changed its tilt, causing the sun to overhead the rails.
  2. Besides, L.A.’s economy might need whatever the train is hauling.

Or do you order the train to stop immediately and have the conductor check for flat spots rather than risk millions of lives should the train derail at high speed in the heart of a major city [to say nothing of the fact it’s wrecking your tracks as it barrels onward]?

If you choose the latter option and the conductor reports one or more cars have defective wheels—cars that carry valuable cargo—would you allow the train to proceed or instruct the crew to remove the affected cars (per Federal Law and railroad regulations)?

Now consider the current state of mankind and Earth:

  • Over six billion humans inhabit the earth. By 2042 (thirty-two years), this figure is expected to swell by fifty percent (to over nine-billion).
  • Presently, three Americans earn income or wages for every retired or disabled citizen. In forty years, this ratio is expected to drop to two-to-one.
  • At our present rate of consumption, humans are exhausting Earth’s natural resources at a gluttonous rate.
  • Supply and demand dictates that future costs of food, non-renewable energy and material goods will skyrocket.
  • Pollution, urban sprawl and climatic change impair the earth’s ability to sustain plant and animal life—including humans

Like a HAZMAT train with defective wheels thundering toward L.A., mankind and its planet are hurtling towards catastrophe. Our species already overburdens the earth through fossil-fuel pollution and vortex consumption. In forty years, fifty-percent more humans will require more food,  more industry, more pollution, and more consumption. At the same time, we’ll have fewer resources to plunder, fewer workers to keep society afloat, and a planet far less able to sustain any form of human society however we try to adapt when its too late to undo the damage of our present course.

For the sake of ambition, ego, worldviews bias and greed, politicians who promise ‘economic prosperity’ in denial of ecological facts are wrecking the planet and mankind’s future. When you vote today, you are the dispatcher in charge of the tracks. Your species and planet need you to lay everything else aside—your worldview beliefs, your short-term convenience, and your political affiliation. Starting today, prioritize the earth and mankind’s future.

The time for change is now.


Twice a surrogate ‘stem cells’ spokesperson for the GW Bush White House, J. Perry Kelly ended his association with the political right over its distortion of global warming for political and economic profit.


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~ by jperrykelly on November 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Today’s election: Vote for the future before its too late”

  1. I only wish more people had considered the long-range implications of ushering in the “new” Congress. Hello to corporate greed and goodbye to any shred of hope for sustainability, environmental consciousness, and reversal of our headlong run into the abyss of the unknown that is global climate change. A newly elected Congressional representative from a neighboring district (and state) proudly announced two of his goals to work toward as soon as he gets to Washington – one of which was to “reign in the EPA.” I was stunned, to put it mildly. Now I’m just afraid….very afraid.

  2. Hello Lisa! Thank you for checking back at my blog. I feel exactly as you do. Human behavior [as exhibited by the willingness of the American People to believe the GOP (or anyone) can simply make reality go away by claiming it doesn’t exist] compelled my to believe our proclivity for self-deception lies at the root of our ecological fate.

    Tragically, way too many people believe the points I raise in the above post are “opinions” or “propaganda.” You and I know they’re facts. We already have too many people overloading the earth. In forty years we’ll have 50% more. We’ll have far more accumulated pollution, far less natural resources, much higher prices (due to supply and demand), and 33% less workers (in relation to the retired or disabled) paying to keep mankind afloat.

    In my opinion, it all starts with how we think. As long as humans believe they can somehow “have their cake and eat it too,” (the “cake” being a healthy earth), we’ll continue to gobble our planet and future without regard for anything or anyone but preserving our immediate comfort and illusion.

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