Rethink the world

The Vampire, Edvard Munch

Global monetary distribution links the earnings and actions of the world’s richest 1% to mankind’s current energy and economic crisis. As a snapshot illustration, the Koch brothers, billionaire energy magnates, have spent more money than 99% of the human species will make in entire lifetimes—fifty million dollars-to discredit the science of climate change and squash clean energy initiatives.

Consider too our most powerful industries—social forces that determine the course and priorities of medical research, the health of the planet, and the fates of billions of lives both living and yet unborn.

The world’s top ten pharmaceuticals made more profits in 2003 than the other 490 corporations in “Fortune 500” combined. Pharma uses its gluttonous profits to fund the world’s largest and arguably most influential lobbying organization to ensure laws and regulations remain friendly to Pharma while further stuffing their coffers. And yet, monies pharmaceuticals suck from U.S. households [for ‘me too’ drugs that leech off human suffering while curing almost nothing] pale in comparison to energy costs.

Americans Spend More on Gas

In other words, the world’s current economic paradigm hinges on 1) maintaining the medical status quo through the continued prevalence of illness, disability, and disease, and 2) fossil fuel and nuclear industries that feed off dwindling resources that toxify the environment, seed ill-health, and wreck our planet’s climate. Both paradigms represent dead-end financial traps for individual households, national economies, and possibly human civilization—like any parasitic relationship when the parasite overruns the host—and yet both ‘make’ gobs of money for the richest 1% at the cost of spiraling hardships for everyone else.

Albert Einstein called Man’s present way of seeing its relationship to nature, reality and the environment an “optical delusion of consciousness” that must ultimately doom our species. To grasp this relationship in its most basic essence, follow the money.

Before it’s too late…

…rethink the world!


Twice a surrogate stem cells spokesperson for the GW Bush White House, J. Perry Kelly ended his association with the political right over its gross distortion of global warming for short-sighted political gain and fiscal profits.



~ by jperrykelly on October 27, 2011.

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