Waldo Canyon Fire: The Paralysis of Fear

The photo on the right was taken this morning (6-26) from behind the Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs.

Sadly, so many cling to the delusion that disasters like this are “acts of Nature” or “acts of God” when in fact if not for Nature—in the form of a favorable and highly unusual wind—our town might already be toast. Nature and God did not warm our planet, turn our forests into dry kindling, cause Colorado to experience 100+ degree temperatures in mid-June at 6,200 ft above sea level, or cause the present southwestern drought that’s predicted to last for 95 years.

I was among 11,000 Americans who were ordered to evacuate their homes in the dead of night due to this regional incident. I fled in a wheelchair through dark and deserted streets while the skyline over my shoulder glowed like Hell released on Earth. Surely others have lost far more than than personal comfort or peace of mind over the worsening effects of man’s values on its planet. Surely all will eventually suffer if we continue to ignore such warnings.

If the above sounds ‘negative’ and bitter. It is. I returned home yesterday morning while clinging to a vain belief our danger was over. The vista this picture captures exposed my delusion as so much smoke…and maybe that’s an understanding that needs to be shared.

J. Perry Kelly

author of “The Sibyl Reborn” (pending Kindle release)

Ps. It occurs to me the fact I’m paralyzed—without a job or car and living on a sub-poverty income—allows me to look beyond America’s economic ‘needs’ to face atmospheric realities of fossil fuel usage on climate change. I say this because most of the conveniences, distractions, and gadgets we consider vital ‘needs’ (toys and distractions I can’t afford) are in fact ‘wants’ that seduce us to embrace denials we want to believe while failing to value Nature. If so, I apologize for stating my thoughts so bluntly. After all, had I not paralyzed myself by falling asleep while driving, I too might deny Man’s role in climate change, or its place in the present crisis.

Whether the earth remains a viable eco-sphere or we’re chased from our homes by threats of fire, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, or Fukushima-like fallouts represent real-life needs—prerequisites for quality of life and possibly survival. The above photo reflects this reality. It’s one the fortunate can choose to deny today but not escape.


Twice a surrogate stem cells spokesperson for the GW Bush White House, J. Perry Kelly ended his association with the political right over its distortion of global warming for short-sighted political gain and fiscal profits.


~ by jperrykelly on June 26, 2012.

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  1. Marvelous content, thanks a lot !!

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