Romney vs Obama: the Grim Reality of Elections 2012

…a non-partisan view of our choices by a 2011 Waldo Canyon Fire evacuee

Becoming paralyzed led to my taking sides in stem cells after a lifetime of non-involvement in social or political issues. My five years of ‘pro-cures’ activism included daily interactions with national biotech policy advisers and twice serving as a surrogate spokesperson for the GW Bush White House. Sadly, this activism opened my eyes to the stark reality behind our pending elections: Americans and the world stand to lose regardless who wins. The only difference concerns how disastrous our loss will be.

I ended my biotech support for Bush and Conservatives for two reasons: 1) I realized their ‘apparent’ endorsement of scientifically valid research for producing cures was in fact a sham, and 2) they planned to re-enact this charade to divide Americans over clean energy, global warming, and climate changes like Hurricane Sandy, the pending “Frankenstorm.”

Grass roots opponents of embryonic research and human cloning opposed both on moral grounds. Bush vetoed embryonic stem cell initiatives to generate good PR with Conservative Christians. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical and biotech agendas determined every Bush appointee to head the FDA, NIH, and Health and Human Services. All were embryonic stem cell advocates whose actions ensured the courses of Science and Medicine would safeguard over a trillion dollars annually in pharmaceutical and medical revenues for decades to come—monies reaped from human suffering.

The strategy is simple: Tell the public what it wants to believe to promote social division, i.e., that vast, world-shaping issues such as global warming are matters of worldview opinion, that Americans can eat their cake and drive it too, that whatever happens—including ‘natural’ disasters like the Frankenstorm, nationwide droughts, or forest fires that chased tens of thousands from their homes—it’s not our fault. Why? A nation divided will never challenge financial paradigms that betray the present to exploit the future.

My behind-the-scenes exposure to national policy-making taught me that both sides of our political leadership can be on the same side of lucrative issues, industry’s side, while playing worldview games to lure voters into deluding themselves.

To puppet masters who control our politicians, our lives, and our future, very few issues matter. Big Coal, Pharma, BIO, Big Oil, Energy, International Banking, and agro-giants such as Monsanto care about markets and profits. Abortion, gay rights, education, social welfare, our quality of life, and our financial security serve as battle cries to incite and divide us while seducing voters to embrace industry goals and party platforms.

At the top, GOP and Democrat leaders stand ready to betray us. We like to believe this isn’t so—that someone is on our side. They count on us to believing it, and as long as we do, no one will be on our side…including ourselves.  But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t vote. The truth is quite the reverse.

Between Romney and Obama, one more clearly belongs to powerful special interests…financial entities whose motives lie in blocking the changes our planet and children need us to make. In my opinion, the best Americans can hope for in “Elections 2012” is to not gift wrap our children’s future to Big Oil, Coal, and Pharma. Whether we do or not depends on us having to the courage to face realities we’d rather deny, ignore, or rationalize into psychologically convenient spins.

We need to admit who stands ready and eager to sell us out.


J. Perry Kelly recently published a speculative adventure on Kindle, The Sibyl Reborn, which uses plot and premise to entertain readers while exploring the psychological roots of social control, political deceptions, and climate change.


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