My Eulogy to Kevin Bull

Kevin BullFor the past two years, I had the privilege of joining U.K. blogtalk host Kevin Bull bi-weekly on his cutting-edge social commentary, “The Earth Needs Rebels.” Our “Across the Pond” episodes explored disturbing similarities in social trends and events between the U.K and the U.S. Obamacare and the U.K.’s Liverpool Care Pathway—its state mandated forced euthanasia program—were samples of an increasingly uncaring world that Kevin and I discussed [along with its disappearing civil rights] as mega-corporations and the one percent increasingly control our fates.

Sadly, Kevin passed away this week in the arms of Katie, his loving wife. He will be badly missed by all who knew him…and possibly more so by those who did not should they come to endure a future that Kevin gave his all to avoid. The following is my eulogy to Kevin Bull:


Kevin, because you cared for a world that’s starving for caring…because you looked without flinching at realities that too many ignore…because you spoke for the voiceless to voice truths that needed to be said as only you could say them… because you fought to promote justice, social empathy, and rational sense against powerful foes, impossible odds, and in the face of your failing health…and…most of all…because you never lost your warmhearted spirit despite too many set-backs and too few triumphs over too many years, those who knew you around the world—including me—came to see you as a beacon of hope and a shining example of the best of our human potential. The Earth does indeed need rebels, and you stood tall among their bravest. It was a privilege to know you and even more so to be your friend.

Sincerely your friend in Colorado,
James P. Kelly

Katie’s crowdfunding drive to  pay the costs of Kevin’s burial:


Twice a surrogate “pro-cures” spokesperson for the White House re stem cells, J. Perry Kelly ended his association with worldview groups and their political allies over their blatant distortion of global warming. Having witnessed the psychology of social control firsthand, he spent four years crafting “The Sibyl Reborn,” a cli-fi psychological thriller that unearths the forgotten roots of Man’s ancient curse.   



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