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In first grade, James used block letters to forge his parent’s signatures rather than hand them a report card littered with ‘Fs.’ His teacher discovered the fraud and everyone laughed.  Decades later, no one laughed when he again played games with truth.

In 1997, James squashed a life he loved by ignoring his common sense. Growing drowsy one sultry afternoon as he drove across Montana, he stopped for coffee but changed his mind. After all, he wasn’t that sleepy; he had never dozed off while behind a wheel, and he deserved something cold after driving all day through an ozone shroud. Ten minutes later, he fell asleep and rolled his pickup into a gulch. When he awoke from a coma after several days, his body from the chest down lay unfeeling and inert—paralyzed for life.

By deluding himself to do what he wanted to do, James destroyed a twenty-year railroad career that grew from digging trenches beneath the Midwestern sun to serving as Acting Assistant Transportation Manager for a Class II regional railroad. No more would he hike Pikes Peak with Selene, his athletic and loving wife. Instead, two terrified people found themselves alone in a strange state with no belongings, no family and seemingly no future—only each other in an empty apartment—and no turning back.

Pikes Peak Bliss, 1996

In addition to his spinal cord injury, James suffered brain damage and a crushed facial nerve that resulted in short-term memory loss, a tendency to lose mental focus, and the rotation of his right eye fifty degrees outward. His wife pulled him through. Side-by-side on their only furniture—a twin bed given to them by a stranger who learned of their plight—Selene prodded James to read aloud daily for hours at a time. Slowly over months, his eyes once again tracked in unison and his brain regained its acuity. To further heal his psyche, she suggested he write a novel.

The story he scrawled by hand sketched the theme and premise of The Sibyl Reborn (1). The rough draft remained unpolished because he immersed himself in  Neuroscience—in the hope of walking—and became an amateur liaison between scientists and non-profit funding sources. This course eventually led his five years of “pro-cures” activism at the forefront of the world’s stem cell debates. He little suspected this path would map the connections between the choice that left him paralyzed and Man’s ecological fate.

Before global warming became a contentious issue (long before his accident), James  observed the effects of pollution on America’s Northeast, including climatic change. In 2006, rather than injure the earth by supporting a political platform that colludes with Big Oil and Mining to threaten the future for short-term mutual profits, he returned to The Sibyl Reborn armed with two deeply disturbing insights:

Attending a White House Function, 2002

1) The president and the man in the street equally share a subtle aspect of human psychology that shapes our relationships with Nature and Earth (2).

2) This universal tendency allows those doing the controlling—regardless of party affiliation or worldview commitment—to manipulate the public and stymie changes that threaten their power and profits (3).

A former modern dancer, yoga student, and martial artist, James knows he may never again hike mountains in his present life, but he might in a future incarnation provided the air remains fit to breathe and the sun doesn’t bake our planet. And yet, the common sense he once ignored tells him the detours that led to The Sibyl Reborn are far more likely to benefit others by offering a path to a sustainable future than ensure his happiness in another life. Since James and Selene love the earth, their SCI nightmare would be a blessing if either potential should come to pass.

James Kelly
Manitou Springs, Colorado
May 2010

    1. The Sibyl Reborn

    2. Political bias affects brain activity MSNBC.com, Jan 24 2006

    3. Westen D, Blagov PS, Harenski K, Kilts C, Hamann S., Neural bases of motivated reasoning Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 11/06;18(11):1947-58.



11 Responses to “About the author”

  1. I eagerly anticipate future posts. Thanks for your unique insight.

  2. Thank you, Lisa. I replied on your website. I hope to read more about your arctic expedition. Congratulations and thank you for your meaningful activism! James

  3. Hi James,
    I was very intrigued when you extended to me through twitter and facebook. I see that you have amazing insight, and it’s not through luck but pure work and determination. I like your philosophy, and will do anything I can to help your cause.

  4. Thank you, Juliana, for your interest and support! You give me hope the theme, plot and concepts I’ve presented in “Quantum Fires” might captivate the minds of thoughtful and questioning readers (and ‘viewers’ if the novel can be adapted for film). I appreciate your visit very much! To your success! James

  5. […] About the author. […]

  6. james

    can you tell me your email address please



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  8. James,

    I attempted to reply to your comment on my blog page, but not certain if it got through (I’m not very familiar with how blogger works) so I will attempt to leave that same comment here!

    Thanks so much for reaching out! I really enjoyed hearing your interview with Alex on Radio Ecoshock! The premise of your book sounds great and I’d be very interested to see it. I’m a writer myself though I acknowledge I am overly perfectionist and my writing process takes a *LONG* time because of it. Perhaps I could send you the first third of my book? (I’d promise more, but the second third is still in process!) You can find me on facebook.com/angelstalewriter and email heilizwhi@gmail.com

  9. Hi James, please try the release tehcnique. Through it the miraculous has occurred. Yes, people have used it to walk again:

    Please also consider reading the book “Healing and Recovery” by Dr David Hawkins:

    You don’t need to wait for another incarnation. If you really work hard you won’t be coming back except by choice!

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